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I have been in the OVERSIZE LOAD & HEAVY HAUL transport industry for nearly 20 years. Undergone hundreds of DOT inspections and they all have one thing in common when hauling "wide-loads", VISIBILITY. Nearly every permit, if not all of them, for every state has a provision pertaining to mirror requirements. Upon inspection, if the requirements cannot be satisfied, then a "pilot car" must be used, typically at a cost of $1.70 to $2.00 per mile! There goes all of your profit! I have tried every solution out there, and while a few might get you through a weight station, none of them actually function as a viable solution to the issue, and while using them, if inspected its not likely that they will pass the DOT officer's test. Further more, in the event your in an accident with an Oversize load, everything will be subject to a cause for liability. 

With the issues listed above, the concern for safety of the surrounding motorist and risk of liability, we made and tested several different designs to come up with the best solution that incorporates a very easy adjustment for the driver to use. I can't count the amount of times I was parked in a truck stop with my mirrors extended out, and another truck hit them. Other design's, including mine, required tools and hanging out on the step to slide them in and out which made it very inconvenient after driving all day. It has been a common event for our other trucks to call in and say they left their mirrors extended and someone hit them, so now they are out of service, and need a pilot car to continue. Our new and final design has built in features to address all of these issues, not to mention "THEY ACTUALLY PROVIDE THE VIEWING REQUIREMENTS". When not in use and in the stowed position, they provide an additional benefit that act as an extra mirror to see even more blind spots than the factory mirrors provide. They are very handy to have for backing purposes. Mirror Extensions, Oversize Load Mirror Extensions.

Currently, our Mirror Extensions come as a set both driver and passenger side, and arrive to you ready for your mirror of choice. 

Thank you for your interest, and please be safe out there!

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