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A little about building our Mirror Extensions.

We recently have had several messages about the time and effort it takes to produce a set of our Extensions.

In general, it takes about 15 hours to produce a set from start to finish. With the exception of the knobs, we make everything in house by hand. While we do have a variety of machines that are used, all of them are manual machines, not CNC. Every single component requires machining of some kind, in other words, non of the parts are simply off the shelf components that work together. The theory behind production in this way is to ensure quality control on every part so our customers get the very best tried and true set of Mirror Extensions.

Do to the painstaking process to produce a set, we always try to keep 1 set of Kenworth Extensions & 1 set of Peterbilt Extensions on hand for our fellow Oversize drivers that get in a jam at the surrounding Port of Entries. We believe in service as well as quality, and are always happy to run out to a local port of entry or truck stop with a set of our mirror extensions, install, adjust, and get them on the road! Other than the price for our Extensions, We DO NOT CHARGE for this service.

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