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The all new Western Star 49x has arrived

We have received several requests to design and develop our Mirror Extensions for the Western Star 49x. Upon inspection of this all new model from Western Star we can see why this truck is so popular in the Oversize transport industry. This truck is absolutely stunning to say the least. That being said, it is definitely worthy of our amazing Extensions.

We pulled out all the stops on this one and began designing a rock solid mounting system. The engineers of this truck surely made this a challenging task. As with all new model development, it takes quite a bit of time and money to engineer, design and test our new models before making available for purchase. We work very hard day in and day out on our Mirror Extensions, and the 49x is no exception.

The 49x OEM mirrors are different between the driver and passenger side, therefor the Extensions had to be designed with that in mind. The Extensions are left side, right side, and not interchangeable. The CNC Machined bar clamp bushings are location and orientation specific. They have a index dot stamped on the side to help identify orientation during installation. Both inside and outside bushings are designed to pivot so the OEM C bar angle can be matched during install. This is a Staple in all of our patented Extensions. Installation only requires a 1/2" wrench or socket. Following our hallmark design, once installed, no tools are required to operate our Extensions.

Like all of our Extensions, the 49x models are intended to be left on the truck at all times.

Our Mirror Extensions have been so popular that we have recently expanded our facility, purchased new machinery and brought in another partner to help us keep up with demand. We are very grateful to all of our amazing customers who share in the appreciation of the "Made in the USA" quality and craftsmanship that we work very hard to maintain. For less than a new set of steer tires, we design, make and manufacture a product that will far outlive many of the other parts of the truck.

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